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  • What is HEX?

    HEX is the first ever MMO/Trading Card Game with RPG elements. You can buy, sell and trade cards, build your own decks, and compete with them against other players. The game takes place on the planet Entrath, after a huge comet impact which completely changed Entrath's future. When the meteor struck, most of its outer core shattered into countless gems which were scattered over the surface and throughout the underworld of Entrath. The mortal races that managed to survive the collision event referred to the meteor as Hex and the precious stones that broke off of it as Hexing Gems. It was quickly discovered that the gems had a strange power of their own: a power which nearly anyone with a willingness to learn and patience to practice could produce magic with. Now it is entirely up to you whether you join the Ardent alliance to defend the surface of Entrath, or join the ranks of the Underworld alliance to conquer and enslave the surface.
  • What are the system requirements for HEX?

    Minimum requirements OS: Windows® XP/Windows® Vista/Windows® 7/Windows® 8 (latest Service Packs) Memory: 4 GB RAM Internet: Broadband internet connection Hard Drive: 2 GB free space Processor: Intel Core i3-2120 CPU 3.30 GHz Input: Keyboard and mouse DirectX: 9.0c
  • How can I play HEX? Where can I get HEX?

    You can download the client from – absolutely free!
  • Can I play HEX with friends who don't live in my country?

    You can play with your friends all over the world!
  • I play some games published by Gameforge and already have a Gameforge account. Can I use this account for HEX?

    No. At the moment, you have to register on our website to create a new account for HEX.
  • Do I have to pay to play HEX?

    Absolutely not! HEX is Free-to-Play. After starting the game, you will be able to select your first 'starter' deck. After completing your 'starter trials', you will even get cards to enhance and improve your deck. There will also be tournaments without entry fees, with prizes up for grabs such as in-game premium currency, new cards and booster packs. You can play an unlimited amount of matches in the Proving Grounds with your free deck. We only sell optional booster packs and provide the rest of the content in the game. Booster packs provide you with more cards, including rares and legendaries, plus a treasure chest containing all kinds of loot. Buying booster packs gives us the chance to add even more awesome stuff to the game and to continually improve your gaming experience. That way, we can deliver a game which you the players want and deserve!
  • What game modes exist? How many are currently available?

    Most of the game content currently focuses on PvP, though more PvE content is on the way. You can challenge other players to test your decks (without rewards) or you can take part in tournaments. We currently offer the following types of tournament: - Constructed - Draft - Sealed Players can also choose the scale of the tournaments they wish to take part in. The largest tournaments can accommodate up to 128 players. It is also possible to play against an AI instead of a human player, a great way to test your decks and hone your strategies.
  • Are these game modes free?

    Participating in tournaments requires an 'entry fee'. All entry fees go towards prizes, and prize distribution is dependent on the type of tournament you enter. Players can win booster packs, for example, or at least a small amount of gold, depending on their final rankings.
  • What can I do with my (digital) cards?

    Apart from playing with your cards, you can also collect them or trade them. We have already implemented a fully-fledged auction house where you can trade your cards or even whole unopened booster packs. These can either be bought and/or sold with our premium currency Platinum or with the regular in-game currency Gold. All of these options give you the chance to enhance your collection and make it even more valuable.
  • Is there anyone I can contact if I have technical problems with HEX?

    Absolutely! Our support team are always happy to help with any kind of problem you run into. You can contact our support here: Also, feel free to join our official forums to exchange your opinions and experiences with HEX in our ever-growing community:

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System Requirements

Category Minimum Recommended
CPU Intel Core i3-2120 @ 3.30GHz Intel Core i3-2120 @ 3.30GHz or higher
RAM 2 GB 2 GB or more
VGA NVIDIA Geforce 6600 / AMD Radeon X1550 NVIDIA Geforce 9800, AMD Radeon HD4850
Hard drive 2 GB 2 GB or more
OS Windows® XP / Windows® Vista / Windows® 7 / Windows® 8 (latest Service Pack) Windows® XP / Windows® Vista / Windows® 7 / Windows® 8 (latest Service Pack)
DirectX 9.0c 11